October 8, 2019

We have some exciting news to share with you all. Today, we have launched our new DPO services support helpdesk. 

The reason we have decided to do this is so we can make our customer support journey as smooth, transparent and easy as possible.

By implementing a new ticke...

July 12, 2019

When a traveller visits an airport a myriad of personal data is collected from the passengers and visitors to the airport.  The typical journey includes an IP address collected on the airport website as they book additional services such as parking, fast track and disa...

July 11, 2019

It's been a busy week in the news regarding Data Protection with two notices of intention to fine in the travel sector for infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is the first time we are seeing the potential large fines and I expect to see...

July 3, 2019

DPAS have had a very busy few weeks completing data protection audits for clients, old and new. 

The driver is that customers come to us asking for an audit because they are being asked to demonstrate their compliance by their customers as part of a contractual due dili...

May 22, 2019

It is nearly ten years ago that the MPs expenses scandal broke. The result was wholesale public distrust in MPs and the formation of a new regulator called the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). The ISPA are in the news this week by failing to be tra...

April 29, 2019

At DPAS we travel for work a lot. With a newly opened office in Huddersfield, our base in the south in Exeter, and our clients requiring onsite time in London, the midlands and all places in between, we get around. Often times, this is on public transport.

We hear conve...

April 15, 2019

On Monday, we saw the ICO’s 12th annual Data Protection Practitioners’ Conference

take place at the Manchester Central Conference Centre.

The day had a variety of events including a talk from President and Executive Director of EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Centre...

March 29, 2019

At DPAS we have been closely following the ICO audits in schools and multi academy trusts to understand the key areas they are focusing on and the recommended actions they are giving.

It's clear that schools and multi academy trusts are now

being targeted for audits -...

March 26, 2019

Your Data Protection Newsletter - March 2019 


There is no denying that since Facebook’s inception in 2004, it is the most used social media app in today’s modern world. With 1.74 billion mobile active users, there is a lot to be said about the amount of dat...

March 20, 2019

At DPAS we have spent the last two years helping Organisations of all shapes and sizes to become more data aware. We've hand held many large Organisations through changes to ensure they were ready, and are ready to handle data protection issues internally. 

We are often...

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