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We use cookies on our website for many purposes. They help us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website, and allow us to improve our site.  

WHAT ARE Cookies? 

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit a website. They gather information and transmit it back to the website or app owner. There are many different types of cookies and they are used for different purposes. Some cookies are for your benefit, such as the cookie that remembers your username so that you don’t have to type it in every time.  Other cookies are for our benefit, such as those used for gathering statistics or for targeted advertising. Details of the cookies we use, are set out below.

Cookies relate to the device you are using. This means that if you visit our website using your laptop and your phone, you will need to set your cookie preferences on both devices.

CONSENT FOR cookies 

We do not need consent to place strictly necessary cookies on your device. However, we do need permission from you for all other types of cookies so, before setting these cookies on your device, we will ask you for your consent. If you agree, this enables us to provide you with the best possible experience when visiting our website and using our app. If you decline, certain functions within our website may not operate effectively. 

You can withdraw your consent at any time by updating your settings for this website.

Types of cookies 

We use the following types of cookies on our website:


  • Strictly Necessary Cookies – Strictly necessary cookies are used on our website for functions such as page navigation. The website would not be able to function properly without these cookies
  • Performance Cookies – These cookies monitor the performance of the site as you interact with it. This information aids us in improving and developing our website.
  • Analytical Cookies – Analytical cookies help us gather statistics such as, how many people visit our website, which pages they look at and how long they spend on the website.
  • Functional Cookies – Functional cookies enable us to remember your saved preferences such as layout and text size.
  • First Party Cookies – First party cookies are set by us and are used for the purpose of improving your experience of our website or app and/or improving our services.
  • Third Party Cookies – Third party cookies are not set by us but by external companies.
  • Persistent Cookies – Any of the above types of cookies may also be persistent cookies. Persistent cookies stay on your device after you have left our website.
  • Session Cookies – Any of the above types of cookies may be session cookies. Session cookies are not permanent, as they only stay on your device for as long as you are visiting our website, following which they are deleted.
  • Targeting / Marketing / Advertising Cookies – These cookies are designed to provide you with targeted advertising content, for example, advertising suited to your preferences and interests based on your browsing history.
  • Unclassified Cookies – Unclassified cookies are cookies which have not yet been classified. We do not use any unclassified cookies.

What type of data do cookies collect?

The type of data cookies collect depends on which cookies are being used and their purpose. The following list contains some examples of the kind of information our cookies may collect. This list is not exhaustive.

  • The type of device you are using (laptop, phone etc);
  • Your browsing history;
  • Pages you have visited;
  • Date you visited our website;
  • A unique id;
  • A session id;
  • Username;
  • Your preferences; and
  • Your IP addresses.


You can block all cookies from our website (including strictly necessary cookies), by adjusting your browser settings. However, if you do this our website may not be fully functional. 

The following links provide information on how to disable cookies user your browser settings:

More Information about Google Analytics

This data allows us to protect the security of our webservice, and gives us a sense of which country, state, or city in the world our users come from. 

Google Analytics supports an optional browser add-on that – once installed and enabled – disables measurement by Google Analytics for any site a user visit.

Note that this add-on only disables Google Analytics measurement.

You can find out more information specifically on Google Analytics here

Please note that third parties may also collect cookies, which we cannot control.


Our website may include links to other websites. However, we have no control over those websites and are not responsible for the content or policies they publish. We would never knowingly provide links to websites that could cause you harm.


We reserve the right to change our cookie notice at any time. Please contact us via if you wish to discuss any element of this notice, or to change your communication preferences.


This cookie notice was updated on the 22/07/2021.