GDPR Consultancy Services and SME Advice


GDPR Consultancy Services

& SME Advice

The ambulance service engaged us to be their operational GDPR Subject Matter Experts (SME). Using the ICO’s 12 Steps to Compliance as a framework, we developed globalised, organisation specific policy packages and evidence requirements. We delivered tailored training, engaged stakeholders by providing briefings and practical materials (such as Data Subjects’ Fundamental Rights to… decision trees), giving key stakeholders updates on the project plan and information pertaining to ongoing risk-based analysis.


GDPR Consultancy Services

Following an external Data Protection audit

of their operation we were approached by this 

retailer to provide GDPR consultancy services and SME advice; alongside which we provided 

an onsite GDPR Project Manager and GDPR Business Analyst.


As was their preference, we were able to provide the client with a fixed cost for the project, with completion of all deliverables highlighted within their external audit. 

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