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Menstrual Cycle Support is a pioneering health tech organisation based in Cornwall, UK. They offer the world’s first menstrual health service available through GP referrals via social prescription. Their mission is to alleviate menstrual suffering and enhance menstrual literacy universally. They offer an online course that aims to improve understanding of the menstrual cycle, thus helping individuals manage period pain and enhance their daily lives.


The Challenge


With the potential of dealing with a significant volume of personal and potentially sensitive data, Menstrual Cycle Support required a comprehensive Privacy Notice. This was to ensure that the data collected from those using the service was protected and processed in accordance with the UK GDPR, DPA, and that the organisation fulfils its obligation to be fair and transparent with its processing of personal data. 




DPAS worked closely with Menstrual Cycle Support to understand the specifics of their unique health tech solution. The initial task was to determine the types of data they would be collecting, how they would be storing this data, who would have access to it, and for what purposes it would be used.

Following the initial analysis, DPAS crafted a comprehensive Privacy Notice that would communicate these elements to the users of Menstrual Cycle Support in a clear and transparent manner. The Privacy Notice outlined how and why personal data is collected, the legal basis for processing such data, how it is stored, and users’ rights in relation to their personal data, among other elements.

DPAS ensured that the Privacy Notice was tailored to the needs of Menstrual Cycle Support, encapsulating its unique operational model, potential future requirements, and, most importantly, fully aligned with the principles of the GDPR. This comprehensive approach allowed Menstrual Cycle Support to launch their innovative online course with the assurance that they were fully compliant with data protection regulations, thus fostering trust with users and healthcare professionals.

The recommendations offered and the steps taken throughout the project have set Menstrual Cycle Support on a path to maintaining robust GDPR compliance. As a result, they can focus on their core mission: to ease menstrual suffering through healthcare referral pathways for universal menstrual literacy.




“I was extremely relieved to find the friendly team and excellent service at DPAS. They went out of their way to support me in a short timeframe, not only to fulfil my data privacy criteria – which included more complex special category data processing – but also with trusted legal support, which – being all under one DPAS roof – was easier to access and significantly more time and cost effective”.

Kate Shepperd-Cohen, Founder


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