DPAS’s experience is wide ranging.

We work with private, public and charity sector clients, large and small, through a number of service areas. 

DPAS exist to solve the data protection issues facing our clients. Our unique, pragmatic approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.


We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change in the most cost-effective way, to ensure they comply to data protection laws and best practice.

Often, we start our consultancy work with our Audit and Assurance Gap Analysis Services. When providing Gap Analysis services, we take a risk based and thorough approach to checking the health of an organisation’s data protection practises. This service, ranges from checking the small, (i.e. are employees following their empty desk policy, are the printers being left logged on, are desktop screen timeouts running), to checking the large (i.e. are there organisational and technical measures such as a data breach policy, do people know who to report data incidents to, are you able to demonstrate that you have a record of processing activity for all personal data etc). 


Our Audit and Assurance services typically lead to the creation of a risk register and project plans which can be actioned through our Data Protection Ready Toolkit.


DPAS utilise a range of experienced employees and contractors to give hands-on and practical advice when an organisation begins to address the risks and gaps in their compliance. We have a number of tools which logically guide an organisation through the process, enabling them to meet their regulatory requirements and to implement new ways of working where there is opportunity for improvement. 

We don't stop there.

Compliance on paper is only useful when the people inan organisation are fully supportive of and working within the new data protection framework. Therefore, we also have a wide range of training services that allow your staff to learn about and understand how data protection applies to them. These courses are deliberately pitched at a variety of levels and costs, all with CPD accreditation, so as to be applicable to a variety of starting points. We can also tailor these courses to ensure that any quirks applicable in your industry or business are picked up on and addressed. 


DPAS also are the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a number of large organisations. The DPO is a subject matter expert (SME) who represents the interests of the data subjects you deal with. Providing you with Outsourced and Interim Services, we can give you a cost effective and flexible solution to your data protection needs. At DPAS we can draw on a number of experienced DPOs with over 20 years of experience working in the data protection and information management industry. We want you to be confident that you have the highest quality of advice at your fingertips.


DPAS lead by example and encourage our clients to really consider how they can create a value-added service by working in a data safe way. Ultimately, DPAS help safeguard the fundamental human right to have data kept private by helping businesses put in place the best possible protection to keep the personal data it controls and processes, secure. 

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