Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

If you’re thinking about booking on to one of our courses, take a look at our testimonials below. We get in touch with all of our training course attendees after each course to get their feedback. 

Finding out what our delegates thought of the course in terms of the trainer, quality of information, and activities undertaken, helps us to understand what we are doing well.

We also ask all attendees what they would improve, so that we can ensure our courses remain useful, interesting, relevant, and a worthwhile investment. 

You can read a selection of our latest testimonials below. 

Attendees of the BCS Practitioner Courses give their feedback on what they enjoyed, and rated their experience.

  • Well-structured – a good mix of information, discussion and exercises. 5/5
  • Really informative and engaging course. 4.8/5
  • Not having been involved with DP at all professionally I found it very interesting, enlightening and Educational. Liked the real life examples and knowledge shared 5/5

Attendees of the BCS Foundation Courses give their feedback on what they enjoyed, and rated their experience.

  • Provides good, solid understanding of the DPA and GDPR. 5/5
  • It did exactly what it said ‘on the tin’, a great foundation in data protection law. Every part of the course was relevant, informative and enjoyable. It was by some distance the best course I have attended via MS Teams, which is largely down to the excellent trainers Sandy May and Natalie Bennett. They were clearly extremely knowledgeable about the subject and kept everyone on the course fully engaged and involved throughout the three days. They were also very attentive to all participants, very happy to answer and discuss any questions that were raised. 5/5

Attendees of the Auditing Data Protection Compliance course give their feedback on what they enjoyed, and rated their experience.

  • A tough subject was delivered really well. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging throughout. The content was great and the course ran at a really good pace. As always, the inclusion of the slide pack was a great addition to compliment my notes. 5/5
  • Relaxed and very informative. 5/5
  • For a long time I’ve been interested in the “should we” rather than the “we can so we will” position so this has provided a lot for me to use in the business when assessing data sharing/processing activities.

    I have enjoyed all the courses delivered by Ralph O’Brian. He is very knowledgeable and engaging. 5/5

  • Kind, friendly trainer with a wealth of varied experience. Detailed slides and varied interacting/teaching methods. Very kind ethos to provide a free charity place, thank you. 5/5
  • The content and pace of the course was great and also allowed for side group discussions, going down the rabbit hole so to speak. The trainer was knowledgeable and personable. I would be confident that a course delivered by him would meet it’s objectives. The inclusion of the slide pack was a welcome addition to most course as it allows to write freehand notes that can then be linked back to the discussion slide. I have found the inclusion of the slide pack with all the DPAS courses I have attended an excellent addition as I am an avid note taker and can often miss the slide content when writing. This was really helpful when I attended the Data Protection Practitioner course in November. 5/5
  • The trainer was very friendly and approachable and gave some good examples. 4.2/5
  • The trainers were helpful, friendly and informative. Natalie also engaged us all in the session and no [question] was too much. 5/5
  • I particularly enjoyed the interactive parts of the course. The trainer was very helpful and approachable. 4.2/5
  • The course was very interactive which is great in times like this. 4/5
  • It was interactive and interesting. I felt confident in Natalie’s knowledge and she made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and make comments 5/5
  • I enjoyed how knowledgeable and passionate about the subject the trainer was. 4.8/5
  • The trainer was nice and easy to listen to. She was enthusiastic and obviously knew her stuff. It was great that the resources were put onto the Teams site in advance, as that gave me the chance to look at them before the course. 4.6/5
  • It was a good all round course that covered as much of the subject as it can, the course tutor was friendly and knowledgeable, she happily answered any questions people had and seemed to enjoy the debate and discussion. 5/5
  • I have been on other courses when there has been far too much emphasis spent on teaching the DPA Act, GDPR and legislation etc, which I fully understand the importance of. Today the correct amount of time was spent on covering this without losing the interest of the trainee in the 1st hour!
    When I come on these courses I want to learn the practical aspects so I can put them into practice when back in the office. Nat presented these elements with an obvious expert authority and a relaxed good humoured style allowing me to benefit in her knowledge. 4.2/5