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Multiple training courses required



Buckfast Abbey is a multifaceted organisation centred around a monastic community. The Abbey is home to a community of Roman Catholic Benedictine Monks. Their faith places a great value upon hospitality, and they welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to their gardens, restaurant, shops, conference centre, and hotel and guest accommodation. Buckfast Abbey also owns and supports St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.


The Challenge


Two members of staff were given the responsibility of taking on the data protection function of the Abbey. On review of what the responsibilities were, they realised they would require further training to ensure they carried out their duties effectively.



Both members of staff have carried out multiple training courses to ensure they have the breadth of knowledge required to carry out their role and responsibilities effectively. To become effective data protection practitioners, demonstrating a continued commitment to data protection and information security compliance.




“Having recently taken on the Data Protection responsibilities my colleague and I soon realised the depth of the subject and the requirement for further training and support. DPAS provided us with the information and support to feel confident moving forwards with the training they suggest. From the first engagement with them, they have provided exactly what we need. We have now taken on several of their training courses and each time they have been well thought out, plenty of information prior to training, the trainers are engaging and experts in their subject matter, all followed up with excellent post training support. DPAS are the perfect partner for us.”

Gordon Wells, Data Privacy Coordinator


For further details on our upcoming training courses – take a look here or give us a call on 0203 3013384.

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