Join our free webinar where our panel of experts will discuss the the implications the GDPR has on marketing activities.

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Working in Marketing, as you know, there is masses of personal data being processed. Do you ever ask yourself, what can I do with the data I am in possession of? What are my responsibilities?

This webinar will highlight some of the key responsibilities, and challenges, faced by Marketing firms and individuals.

  • What can, and can't, you do?
  • Legitimate Interest: What is it and how does it apply to marketing?
  • Who can I send marketing to, and who can't I send to?
    • Businesses versus private individuals.
  • What considerations do you need to have for non UK clients, both in the EU and rest of the world?
  • Changes to legislation following the Data Protection & Digital Information Bill 2022.
  • How do you mitigate risk to both your company and your client?