World Health Day 2022

We all have our own definition of health.

We thought we’d take a short break from looking after your data, to share some of the weird and wonderful ways our team looks after their own health;

Nigel – Health, both physical and mental, are important.  I meditate twice a day – first thing and last thing.  I then try and exercise either through a combination of aerobic or weights 6 times a week, add in daily dog walking of about 8000 steps plus and not really being a drinker (I gave up for 6 years) I am still able to keep up with the younger men and women of Devon & Cornwall rugby clubs!

group of people playing rugby in red and black kits

Mel – I can often be found on our office Peloton, doing a HIIT workout or attending gym classes. I also walk my dog Coco 3 times a day. To look after my health (and sanity) I make sure I take regular breaks from my desk throughout the day.

Nat – It sounds like I’m not as healthy as the rest of my colleagues… I do like a beer in the evening to relax!

Emma – I’m currently studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. Not only has it taught me to look after any potential client’s fitness, it has highlighted safe practices in nutrition and exercise that I am using in my day to day life.

Charlotte – I try to go for a run most days.

Georgina – My way of keeping healthy would be to go for a walk outside with my dog on the beach, on the common or in the woods!

Andy – Where to begin?

I like to do a bit of exercise every day, I have a very close relationship with my Peloton bike

I once read a story about the oldest man who ever climbed Mount Everest – the way he trained for this was by walking around his local area in a weighted rucksack, so I often do the same.

Lottie – I really like HIIT workouts and Yoga – I try to exercise every day.

Aside from that, I’m fanatical about cooking with coconut oil and a big believer that raw spinach goes with everything.

Ella – I’ve literally only ever drank exclusively water. I just don’t like the taste of anything else. I’m particularly a fan of Buxton!

Louise – I spent the last 3 years living in South Korea where the air pollution is so bad most people sleep with an air purifier. When the Covid pandemic hit, I added a humidifier (admittedly a marginally neurotic response) and even now that I’m back in the UK, my ‘clean’ air is an expensive habit I can’t give up.

Chloe – I tend to rely on the school run to keep me somewhat fit and healthy! I have started replacing snacks with fruit and fizzy drinks with glasses of water though! I always try to eat a balanced diet, making sure I don’t skip meals.

wooden table with love heart shaped fruit bowl