Staff Profile – Georgina

Introducing our amazing Senior business analyst georgina 


Can you tell us a bit about your role at DPAS? 

My role at DPAS is the Senior Business Analyst – Data Protection and Strategy and I primarily work within the Consultancy team. It is a very interesting role as I get to help our clients across different sectors achieve compliance with data protection legislation. I previously worked for a software company and have brought my prior experience with public and private sector organisations to projects.  

I am also an apprentice in the first cohort of the Data protection and information governance practitioner apprenticeship. As part of my apprenticeship, I am developing my knowledge and skills further within the data protection sector. This includes helping other departments, notably the SAR team, when required. 


What does your average day look like at DPAS?

I work closely with my colleagues to deliver our consultancy projects where we provide regulatory and technical advice to reassure our clients and regulatory bodies. We help our clients protect their information and minimise the risks associated with data processing, storage and retention. 


What attracted you to DPAS? 

I found out about DPAS from our founder Nigel Gooding, he was so passionate about data protection and his company that I wanted to know more. Then I met the team and was really impressed by the culture that Mel and Nigel have fostered. Their investment into the professional development of their staff particularly swayed me (I have taken full advantage of this, completing several BCS courses so far). I am so grateful to DPAS for their continued support in my knowledge and skills development. 

What do you do in your personal life?

I like to stay active by playing tennis and wake-boarding. This year I am training to cycle 100 miles in under 8 hours around London and Essex, as part of the Ride 100 challenge. I also love taking my dog, Doris (a miniature dachshund) on dog walks to the beach and in the countryside. 


What’s one achievement you’d like to accomplish (work or personal) in the next 5 years?

Professionally, I would like to achieve a good grade for my work on the data protection and information governance practitioner apprenticeship, which I should have completed by the end of 2023. Personally, I would like to get my London Classics medal within the next 5 years. I already have my London Marathon medal and am completing the Ride 100 in May 2023, leaving only a two mile swim around the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park to complete the challenge–a prospect I am not thrilled by!


What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?

Skiing in Whistler and Blackcomb was one of the best places I’ve ever been to. The conditions were perfect and it was an incredible experience exploring the backcountry on my skis.  


If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring?

I would bring a fire starter, a knife and a satellite phone, unless the satellite phone is cheating, then I’d bring lots of bug spray. Mosquito bites are murder! 


Do you have any predictions about the future of data protection? 

I think that data protection as an industry will grow given the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)’s goal to educate and empower data subjects to use their rights under data protection legislation. 


In your opinion, what are the main challenges currently facing the Data Protection sector? 

The main challenge currently facing the sector is uncertainty, more specifically uncertainty around what changes to legislation will happen after Brexit and how this may have an impact on our roles as data protection practitioners. 

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