Staff Profile – Emma Richards

We’re continuing our staff profile series because, well, it’s a Wednesday and frankly that’s reason enough for us to rave about our incredible team at DPAS. 

We sat down with Office and Training manager Emma to discuss the vital role she plays within our team and her exciting plans for the future. 

Hi Emma, can you tell us a bit about your role at DPAS? 

As the office and training manager, the main functions of my role involve facilitating all training courses, being the main point of contact for the delegates joining our courses, and assisting our CEO, Melanie Garnett, with the operational side of the business. Since joining the business I have successfully managed projects to implement two new software systems for both staff and client management.

Tell us a bit about a typical day in the life of an office and training manager?

Depending on whether there is a training course running or not, determines the start of my day. If there is, I jump on the session with the trainer early to make sure everything works and is ready for the delegates. If not, it’s a bit more of a leisurely start.

Other than that, no one day is the same as the next. Due to the operational support I provide to the company, I could be working on any given project at varying stages of their lifecycle.

The most vital part of my role though, is making sure that the team is kept in constant supply of Cola and biscuits!

Why are you proud to work for DPAS? 

DPAS is a young and vibrant company, and the people that work here all have a passion for data protection and information governance.

It’s a company that puts their staff at the heart of what they do, supporting their achievements, both personally and professionally. They ensure everyone, no matter their role, feels valued.

Can you tell us about one goal you have, outside of work, for the near future? 

Outside of DPAS, I have achieved a Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing and am currently working towards a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. It is my aim to have a small client base in my spare time, helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

If you’d like to meet more of the team then you can view the rest of us here! We also have staff profiles where you can learn more about Charlotte, our Senior Data Privacy Officer (Paralegal), and our newest members: Alex and Jack.


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