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Local Authority Subject Access Request Redaction Services

Are you in need of professional support for redacting complex Medical or Health and Social Care Subject Access Requests? Look no further! We are the industry leaders, providing cost-effective outsourced management and redaction services for Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). Whether your organisation is struggling to handle the increasing demand for SARs or require assistance in clearing a backlog, we can help. 

For the past 5 years, we have been delivering our DSAR redaction services to both public and private sector organisations. Our expertise extends to supporting local authorities, NHS Trusts and Children’s Services in managing health and social care-related SARs, among others. We have a thorough onboarding process to align policies and to ensure that you are comfortable with our redaction techniques. 

All SARs are meticulously redacted by our dedicated internal team, are signed off by our management team, and provided to you within agreed timeframes, so you can be confident releasing them. Get in touch now to see how we can support you with these complex cases. 

Redaction services testimonial

Museum Wales approached DPAS, looking for Subject Access Redaction support.

DPAS carried out the conversion and redaction for Museum Wales ensuring they were provided with full explanations regarding the decisions made when choosing which data to redact.



When faced with a complex Subject Access Request we went out to the market to look for a provider that had the knowledge and experience to complete the data conversion and redaction on our behalf.

We were impressed with the team at DPAS from the offset and entrusted them to deliver the required redacted documents within the legal timeframes and had every confidence in their advice. We wouldn’t hesitate using the team at DPAS again

kristina enticott

museum wales


Our outsourced SAR redaction service allows your organisation to focus on its core functions and incoming SARs while we efficiently handle the complex and time-consuming task of redacting backlogs or overdue SARs. 

We understand the urgency of SAR requests and strive to provide a quick turnaround time. Our efficient processes and dedicated team enable us to redact files promptly, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

With our team of experienced professionals and robust redaction techniques, you can rely on us to deliver accurate results. Our team are very experienced in what they do, and all SARs go through a stringent quality assurance process, reducing the risk of exposing unrelating personal data. 

Our service is designed to adapt to your organisation’s changing needs. Whether you face a sudden surge in SAR requests or require assistance with a backlog, we offer scalability and flexibility to accommodate varying workloads effectively. 

Outsourcing SAR redaction eliminates the need for additional in-house resources, software, and training, resulting in cost savings for your organisation. It takes months, even years to train staff to redact SARs well and quickly. 

By outsourcing SAR redaction to our experienced professionals, you can ensure compliance with data protection regulations and industry best practices. We stay up-to-date with evolving laws and standards, reducing the risk of errors and potential breaches. 

What's Included?

Dedicated account manager and subject access requests lead to manage and execute the service. 

Thorough onboarding process to align internal policies and procedures concerning redaction. 

Use of our SAR software to deduplicate raw data and convert it into a redactable format. 

Strict protocols and security measures to safeguard the redacted data throughout the entire process, including secure storage, encrypted communication channels, and access controls on a Government approved data sharing platform. 

End to end redaction service for any type of Subject Access Request with specialism in social care files, NHS medical files, complex HR cases and Housing disputes. 

A rigorous quality assurance process to review redacted documents and ensure the accuracy and completeness of the redaction efforts before releasing the requested information to the data subject. 

Access to the Subject Access Request templates, enabling you to handle responses to the data subject requests in the future, to use in your organisation. 

External DPO assistance and advice, if required. 

Meet Our SARs Team

zack bellekom

subject access requests manager

jemma jones

senior subject access requests officer

kathryn bull

subject access requestss officer

alex chamberlain

subject access requests officer

bethany meredith

subject access requests officer

alex haslam

subject access requests officer

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Easy to understand data privacy and information security services that are always accessable, consistenty pragmatic and continually exceeding expectations.

Our customers choose us for subject access request (SAR) redaction because of our expertise and efficient approach. With a team well-versed in data protection regulations, we ensure accurate and timely responses, leveraging streamlined processes and advanced technology. 

Trust is paramount in SAR processing, and our customers rely on us for our commitment to data security and confidentiality. As a government-approved supplier on the G-Cloud framework, we adhere to strict industry standards, safeguarding personal data throughout the process. 

We offer tailored solutions to meet our customers’ unique SAR requirements. Adapting to diverse industries and sector-specific regulations, we provide personalised support for both complex and simple requests, ensuring efficient and accurate results. 

We maintain transparent communication with our customers throughout the SAR process. Regular updates and a dedicated customer support team ensure smooth interactions, making the experience transparent and hassle=free. 

Our customers appreciate our cost-effective SAR processing services. Through optimised workflows and expertise, we minimise processing time and costs while maintaining high-quality standards, allowing our customers to achieve their SAR objectives within their budgets. 

With a strong reputation as a government-approved supplier, including being on the G-Cloud framework, our customers trust us to handle their SARs with professionalism and integrity. Our track record of successful outcomes and satisfied customers solidifies their confidence in our services.