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Are you worried about what personal data is being captured and processed on your website using cookies or other similar technologies? Do you need some additional advice and support, to guide you through the steps that need to be taken to ensure you are complying with the law? This is where we can help. We understand that website management and compliance can be costly, but we can help provide a low-cost solution, ensuring privacy by design. 

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s device (such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet) when they visit a website. They are created by the website’s server and are commonly used to remember and track information about the user’s browsing activities.

Outsourcing your cookies and overall website compliance can be a quick win approach to getting you started with or to maintain compliance with all the applicable regulations which may apply depending on where people can access your website from. 

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your requirements, ensuring compliance with EU GDPR, UK GDPR, Data Protection Act, PECR, and other relevant regulations. Our services start from as little as £500 per month. 

Outsourced or Interim Data Protection Officer Project

Bristol Airport approached DPAS several years ago, looking for data protection officer outsourced support.

They wanted advice of projects across the airport, and support assiting the in-house team in responding to complex enquiries. DPAS has been providing DPO services since, providing support remotely, to ensure the airport maintains its consistent compliance.


bristol airport have worked closely with dpas for serveral years

They have been instrumental in providing services helping us to deliver transformative projects across our airport, legal support, with an ethical and pragmatic twist.




We appreciate everyone’s needs and budget is different and appreciate what you want to get out of our services may differ over time. We can work with you to identify and address your needs, so we may support you with long-term growth. 

Data protection regulations are constantly changing and evolving. When you engage with our services, you can rely on the expertise of your service provider to stay up to date on the latest regulations and ensure that your business is compliant. 

When you outsource our services, you gain access to a team of expert data protection consultants who have specialised knowledge and experience in legal technology. With advances in areas, such as legal technology, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), we can help you navigate this ever-changing environment. 

We can help guide and support your employees in navigating the world of data protection, allowing for the transfer of knowledge and the skills required to support your business going forward. You will then be able to focus on other business functions, improving growth and efficiency.

Outsourcing your service requirements provides you with greater flexibility to scale up, or down, as needed. You can adjust the level of support you receive based on your requirements, supporting your businesses growth.  

By outsourcing our services, you can have peace of mind that your business operations are compliant with the law, reducing the risk of financial penalties and legal action. In doing so, we can help ensure your business can continue to succeed and grow. 

What's Included?

Ad-hoc legal advice and support. 

Compliance and remediation projects. 

Report on data protection compliance when required.

The opportunity to access other services we offer, where we can take a flexible approach to meet the specific requirements of your business. 

Meet Our Team Of DPO's & CONSULTANTS

Nigel Gooding

Chief Data Protection Officer

Natalie Bennett

Head of Data Protection Consultancy

kristal rocks


Lauren Durham-Hutchins


Gary O'Reilly

Legal Counsel Consultant

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Easy to understand data privacy and information security services that are always accessable, consistenty pragmatic and continually exceeding expectations.

Keeping up to date with changes in data protection regulations and best practices can often be challenging for organisations. By outsourcing to an expert consultancy like us, organisations can access data protection professionals and lawyers who stay current with the latest developments, case law, and have the subject matter expertise to support your organisation. 

When outsourcing our services, we can help provide you with the capacity to help you tackle your changing requirements, to ensure you only pay for what you need, whilst still meeting legislative requirements. 

Our experts are highly experienced in the field of data protection, having delivered a number of data protection and information security projects to a number of clients. We understand that each business will have a varying level of resources available to them, so we can tailor our services to meet your specific financial requirements. 

Our work consistently meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. When using our services, you can take comfort in know that we have years of experience in dealing with both private and public sector organisations.

We can help you identify any threats or perceived high-risk areas of compliance that you need to address. We appreciate that you may not wish to tackle everything at once, but we can work with you to put together a project plan, to keep you on track on your journey towards compliance. 

By outsourcing our services, you can be assured that your needs are being tackled by our experts. We take pride in the work we deliver to our clients and will adapt our approach to ensure we meet all of your needs.