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Ensure Compliance with our Data Processing Agreement Services

Does the drafting or review of Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) pose a challenge for your organisation? Do you grapple with the complexities, legalities, and the sheer volume of these agreements? At DPAS, we recognise the hurdles that businesses can encounter when handling such intricate, legally binding documents. We offer expert services for the drafting and review of your DPAs to help you navigate engage with customers or partners more efficiently while remaining compliant and avoiding risk.

Opting for our DPA services is a cost-effective and strategic move to ensure your organisation’s compliance with all relevant data protection regulations, such as the EU and UK GDPR, the Data Protection Act, and other relevant laws from around the world depending on where the other parties are based. Our work allows you to focus on your business’s primary goals, while we provide you with the assurance of legally-sound and robust data processing contracts.

Our team of legal professionals and data protection specialists collaborate closely with you and then create custom agreements that ensure regulatory compliance while making certain that you can get the most out of the contractual relationship you are entering into. 

Outsourced or Interim Data Protection Officer Project

Bristol Airport approached DPAS several years ago, looking for data protection officer outsourced support.

They wanted advice of projects across the airport, and support assiting the in-house team in responding to complex enquiries. DPAS has been providing DPO services since, providing support remotely, to ensure the airport maintains its consistent compliance.


bristol airport have worked closely with dpas for serveral years

They have been instrumental in providing services helping us to deliver transformative projects across our airport, legal support, with an ethical and pragmatic twist.




Engaging our services for the drafting and review of DPAs can result in substantial cost savings. It alleviates the need for hiring and training an in-house team dedicated to these tasks, particularly beneficial for businesses constrained by resources.

The ever-changing landscape of data protection legislation can pose a risk to organisations. With our experts at the helm of your DPA drafting and review, you can rest assured that your agreements will always be in line with the most recent regulations.

Our service provides you with access to a team of legal professionals and data protection specialists. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of data protection legislation and DPA requirements ensure the highest standard of compliance, regardless of where your supplier, customer or partner is based around the world.

We ensure consistency across all your DPAs, creating a streamlined approach to data processing and a uniform compliance standard across all your data processing activities.

Do you have a rush of new agreements to review now but will likely not have many afterward? That’s fine by us. Our services offer the flexibility to adapt to your needs, whether you require our assistance for a specific project, on an ongoing basis, or during periods of transition. You’re able to adjust the level of support to perfectly fit your organisation’s needs.

By outsourcing, you are assured that your DPO will not be subject to internal conflicting decision-making, and will balance the rights of the data subject with the business objectives in an independent manner.

What's Included?

Detailed drafting and review of Data Processing Agreements: Our team will meticulously draft, review and amend your data processing agreements, ensuring they are comprehensive and compliant with relevant data protection legislation.

Tailored advice and guidance: We offer expert advice and guidance on how to effectively structure your data processing agreements and ensure they align with your specific business requirements and objectives.

Handling negotiations with Data Processors and Sub-processors: We assist in negotiating terms with data processors and sub-processors to protect your interests and data security.

Assistance when negotiating contracts with suppliers regarding the transfer of data, where required.

Advice on International Data Transfers where the agreements involve parties in different countries.

Risk analysis and assistance in the completion of Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Monthly updates on ICO guidance. Bi-weekly data protection and privacy law bulletins.

Support with Individual Rights Requests and Data Subject Access Requests.

Access via our online portal to a full suite of free templates, tools, policies, and more.

Meet Our Team Of DPO's & CONSULTANTS

Nigel Gooding

Chief Data Protection Officer

Natalie Bennett

Head of Data Protection Consultancy

kristal rocks


Lauren Durham-Hutchins


Gary O'Reilly

Legal Counsel Consultant

teresa gudge


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Easy to understand data privacy and information security services that are always accessable, consistenty pragmatic and continually exceeding expectations.

Our team is compromised of specialists who keep pace with the changing landscape of data protection regulations and case law. By choosing us, you’d be working with industry leaders who know how to best support your organisation in drafting and reviewing data processing agreements.

We have experience in drafting and reviewing data processing agreements across the globe. This means we understand the nuances of different data protection regulations and can provide services that ensure compliance, irrespective of where your organisation operates. Our global perspective provides you an edge in de-risking your data processing activities.

Our extensive experience spans across a multitude of sectors including healthcare, finance, technology, education, and government, among others. This vast exposure enables us to understand the unique data processing requirements and data protection compliance complexities associated with each industry.

Our service isn’t just limited to drafting and reviewing the data processing documentation. We can provide consultation and advise on how to structure the data protection and information security aspects of your relationship with your partners, customers or other counterparties, advise on best practices, assist with negotiations, and offer support in the event of audits or legal proceedings related to your DPAs.

Recognising that each client’s needs are unique, we provide flexibility in our pricing structures, including charging on a project basis. This approach allows you to only pay for the specific services required, resulting in cost-effective and value-driven solutions. With our project-based costing, you can access high-quality services for drafting and reviewing data processing agreements without the financial burden of a long-term commitment.