Privacy Screens – the unspoken hero of businesses

At DPAS we travel for work a lot. With a newly opened office in Huddersfield, our base in the south in Exeter, and our clients requiring onsite time in London, the midlands and all places in between, we get around. Often times, this is on public transport.

We hear conversations wherever we go on the changes businesses are making and the cultural shift that is happening to protect data. We know that you are investing in compliance consulting, high tech cyber security, business improvement strategies and so much more. But all of this goes out the door when you allow your staff to work and access their devices remotely and you haven’t insisted on them using privacy screens. I don’t need to be a tech savvy individual to access confidential company data if someone in your organisation is planning to sit and read the information (legitimately) on their laptop or mobile phone when on the train, or in a café, or anywhere else where others can see them.

People are gradually shifting their behaviour in terms of phone calls in publicly accessible places, using coded speech so that people within hearing distance find it harder to decipher meaning. People lock their screens when they step away from their device. This same shift must happen with privacy screens. They are cheap. They stop people being able to see the screen unless they are directly behind you and reading at the same angle as you are. They can be affixed so that you don’t need to think about it ever again, or removable, in case you want to share your screen with colleagues when showing them something.

When I checked last, an i-phone screen is about £8 and a laptop one £20.

This is money well spent. As the number of people working remotely and flexibly increase, the scale of the issue does too. Failing to use privacy screens makes the investment in your other cyber and onsite protection far less effective. There is no need to leave such a physical hole in the defences with privacy screens being so cheap and so accessible.

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