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Kirklees Schools - Press Release

Experts supporting Kirklees Schools road to Data Protection compliance

The Data Privacy Advisory Service (DPAS) has this month opened its new Huddersfield office supporting Kirklees Schools on their road to GDPR and Data Protection compliance.

DPAS is based at Huddersfield’s Media Centre and was successful in winning a tender to support Schools on their road to legal compliance. This includes providing consultancy, training and tools to aid data and cyber security in addition to providing the new legal role of Data Protection Officer for Kirklees Schools. DPAS has previously delivered similar services to the 41 Schools in Jersey.

Nigel Gooding, Founder of DPAS said today “We are delighted to be providing Data Protection services to the schools in Kirklees. Keeping data safe, in particular those of children, is not only a legal requirement which schools and their leaders can be personally liable for under the law, but is the right thing to do” We look forward to helping schools do just that”

The Huddersfield office is DPAS Northern base and is staffed by a team of locally recruited experts who will deliver the service across Kirklees and beyond.

Note to editors

GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018 puts new legal responsibilities to School leaders to put in place measures to keep Data safe.

For further information on DPAS www.dataprivacyadvisory.com

For further information on the services in Kirklees please visit www.kirkleesGDPR.com

For further information please contact Holly Senior on 01484 910020

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