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Explore the latest industry trends with our new data privacy webinar series, discussing the latest insight in cyber and data privacy. The Privacy Pulse events are free to attend – you just need to register online to reserve a space.

We are excited to announce the first events in our new data privacy webinar series, The Privacy Pulse. Join our regular sessions, or watch past recordings online, and learn more about changes in the data privacy industry.

March 4th, 11am: A Pain in the SARs – Managing Subject Access Requests in the Pandemic

Join The Privacy Pulse team for a free webinar to learn more about Subject Access Requests, and the implications in a Covid-19 World. Learn more about this challenging area of Data Compliance and the impact of the pandemic. Public Sector Data Protection experts Nigel and Bilal will be discussing:

  • Covid-19: How has the DSAR landscape changed for Controllers?
  • What is a reasonable and proportionate search, and what about paper files?
  • What about third parties and their data? Can we release it, and what is redaction all about?
  • What makes a good DSARs policy in the Covid World?
  • Recent cases affecting and influencing Subject Access rights.

Register today to reserve your space.

Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations

Find out what’s happening in the world of Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations. Industry experts, Nigel Gooding and Bilal Ghafoor, discuss a variety of industry topics impacting the public sector.

Throughout the duration of the webinar, we take a look at the following areas:

  • New developments in Freedom of Information case law
  • Vexatious requests
  • Where the public interest line is being drawn
  • The Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations border

Watch the recording on YouTube.

Cyber Security in a Covid-19 World

More people than ever are now working remotely, and accessing information online because of the pandemic. Discover more about how this has impacted the Cyber Security landscape in this session. Hosted by Nigel Gooding and Naveen Vasudeva. The session focuses on:

    • The Impact of Covid-19 on Cyber Security
    • The increase in attacks as a result of Covid-19 and UK Government’s response
    • The cyber security community response for the Covid-19
    • The changing threat landscape as a result of Covid-19

Watch the recording on YouTube.

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