We’ve all felt a little forgotten at some point in our lives. Whether it was from sitting alone at school, feeling unwanted within a friend group or being overlooked at work, the sensation of getting left behind and feeling invisible is one that we can all understand. We all like to feel needed, like our peers actually notice us, like we truly belong.

At DPAS, every shining member of our team has their place – their views and skills are highly valued, and we all play unique and important roles within our unstoppable group of geniuses. We couldn’t do the incredible work we do without our amazing members of staff – every single one of them – so it’s absolutely crucial that everybody understands how appreciated they truly are.

And that’s exactly what our recent trip was all about.


It was looking to be a bright and sunny couple of days, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the office for a while and head north for a nice change of scenery. 

We packed our bags, loaded into our cars, and journeyed out to a big house in the country surrounded by serene nature and breathtaking scenery. The rolling green hills were particularly popular with office dog Beau, who, thankfully, was able to get just as muddy as she usually likes to at home.


We had an amazing time on this short adventure – we played card games, cooled down in the swimming pool, and enjoyed a mighty fine barbecue – but it wasn’t just a holiday.

We took advantage of the rare occasion of having all members of DPAS under the same roof to see what ideas we could come up with together as a full unit. The time was ripe for a good, old-fashioned brainstorming session, and so that’s exactly what we did.

Seated in a huge, castle-like dining room, we all took turns to speak about our reasons for joining DPAS, what we like about the company, and anything we felt could be improved. This sparked an open discussion which felt constructive, honest, and genuinely eye-opening.

Following this, it was time to group off and present ideas to each other about new and exciting ventures for DPAS. Usually, nothing sends a shiver down the spine faster than the word “presentation”, but thanks to the time this trip allowed us to spend together, we felt comfortable standing up and showing off what we had come up with.

And finally, wrapping up the adventure with a few rounds of laser tag on the way home threw in one more splash of fun right at the end. Despite being exhausted from the travelling, we had an unforgettable time (and got more competitive than ever)!


We couldn’t have asked for a better “welcome to the team” for the new arrivals than these two days. Just weeks into their time at the company, they were learning more about their colleagues and connecting with them on a deeper level than they ever could have within the confines of the office. The trip achieved in hours the kind of workplace bonding that would have taken months of watercooler chat back in Dunchideock.

Not to mention we also now have a swath of new ideas to help DPAS thrive and grow!

The whole purpose of this staff away day was to break the ice a little – to get to know one another outside the office, test our collaborative problem-solving skills, and reward the whole team for all their consistent hard work. We made some wonderful memories together, and certainly won’t be forgetting this spectacular trip in a hurry.


To unleash your full potential as a unit, you need to connect with and support each other. You need to understand one another, feel comfortable together, and get to know each individual as not just a colleague or a passing acquaintance, but for who they really are.

Once you achieve this, everyone will feel more confident sharing their perspective. Each person will feel like a valued and appreciated part of the team who plays an important, unique role in the group dynamic. So while on the surface, this little adventure may have just looked like a bit of a vacation, it was so much more than that.

Taking a break from the work week routine every now and then is something that we couldn’t recommend more. Over these two days, we grew to understand one another better, shared countless laughs as a group, and most importantly of all, made many new friends.

We’re a stronger team now, thanks to our time away, and we feel ready to take on any challenges that may head our way.

So we say… bring on the rest of 2023!

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