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As we know organisations around the world need to know how to equip their staff with the necessary knowledge to ensure consistent safe practices and meet regulatory requirements for training under the GDPR. Our partners, awareness training offers the solution with an ever-expanding library of content-rich subject matter, specifically designed to train your staff in privacy awareness essentials and help you maintain compliance throughout your organisation. Developed by the IAPP and now powered by Onetrust, the interactive online course library allows you to create a bespoke training program for all areas of your business, track progress and re-train regularly. DPAS will support your team in the implementation of the eLearning either onto your current LMS or onto the Onetrust system. As valued partners we can offer our new and existing customers discounted rates and dedicated support and consultancy to get this implemented across your organisation.  
  • 30+ online training modules
  • SCORM-compliant Training
  • Available in 30 languages
  • Continually updated content and courses
  • Standalone or in Your LMS
  • Completion metrics and performance reports
  • 30+ training modules
  • SCORM-compliant Training
  • 30 languages
  • Continually updated content and courses
  • Standalone or in Your LMS
  • Completion metrics and performance reports

The purpose of the course is to ensure staff across your organisation working in various departments have an understanding of the GDPR. Using this eLearning helps to build compliant practices across your organisation, with general awareness modules that are useful for most roles and specialty modules for a variety of departments, this online learning is a one size fits all cost effective option.


The training has over 30 different modules, is SCORM-compliant and available in a variety of languages.

Intuitive step by step modules help individuals complete training without assistance. Modules are comprised of short 5–10 minute videos that promote engagement with games and assessments. Trainee participation is guaranteed throughout the module as training videos will stop playing if they move away from it, nor can they skip ahead. Once complete, each module is assessed with a standardised test.

Receive reports detailing results and completion metrics on a regular basis and customise reports for separate teams, regions or modules. Re-train teams regularly to ensure ongoing compliance requirements and maintain an up-to-date culture of data protection and use metrics and reports to demonstrate compliance with global regulations.

Current courses available are:

General Awareness

  • Why data Protection Matters?
  • What is Personal Data?
  • Processing personal data
  • Privacy & data protection essentials
  • Identifying phishing attacks
  • Privacy & security awareness
  • Recognizing & avoiding social engineering
  • Privacy & data protection basics



  • Privacy essentials for sales professionals


Human Resources

  • The Hiring Lifecycle
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Employee Files
  • Vendor Management


Information Technology

  • Data Privacy for IS Professionals I
  • Data Privacy for IS Professionals II
  • Data Subject Rights for IT
  • Professionals: GDPR Unit
  • Understanding Privacy by Design


Laws and Regulation

  • GDPR: A Practical Overview
  • GDPR Review: A Knowledge Check
  • Understanding COPPA
  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • (CCPA)
  • Brazil’s LGPD: A Practical Overview


Customer Service

  • Protecting Privacy in Call Centre
  • Privacy and Customer Service
  • CCPA Compliance for Customer
  • Service
  • Data Subject Rights for Customer
  • Service Employees



  • Collecting Consumer Information
  • Interest-based Advertising
  • List Vendors
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Tracking Technologies & Privacy
  • Using Consumer Information



  • Privacy Essentials for the Healthcare Industry
  • Any employee or contractor who is working with personal information.