Compassion in the workplace

There’s a lot going on at the moment. 

We’re all still recovering from the shared trauma of the pandemic amongst political upheaval, the cost of living crisis and national bereavement. 

Linkedin is dominated by articles shouting about ‘Quiet Quitting’, offering us ‘The biggest drivers of Burnout’ in easily digestible 3 min reads, the perfect prompt for a panic attack on your lunch break. 

The events of the past week serve as a reminder to show compassion to ourselves and the people around us. 

If you’re feeling  exhausted, overwhelmed or pessimistic (you’re not the only one!), it’s important that you recognise if you need to take a step back to breathe. 

Asking yourself the following questions can prevent burnout; 

  • Which of my tasks absolutely cannot be delegated elsewhere?
  • What tasks do I need to say no to? 
  • Who do I need to establish firm boundaries with? 
  • Am I creating a realistic list of tasks to complete today? 
  • Am I allowing myself enough time to decompress after work? 

Taking a break from work is a privilege that we acknowledge not everyone can afford. This is why it’s vital that those holding positions of power within an organisation acknowledge  their responsibility to implement a positive work culture. 

Check out our article on ‘Back to School’ Mentality for  tips catered specifically to the summer holidays, or read through our article focused on Bisexuality Awareness Day.

We all need extra support at times. If you’re struggling with your mental health, these resources provide invaluable help and support; 

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