Chief Data Protection Officer… ‘Nigel Says’…….

Emotional intelligence

Nigel is a rugby ref who is liked by the clubs.

The reason is that Nigel has a adequate knowledge of the laws, understands what they are trying to achieve, understands the game as he played, has empathy on what the players & spectators want, and is able to be pragmatic in the application of the laws to achieve a good balance of player safety & spectator experience.

Nigel believes that this is an ideal balance for a Data Protection Officer.

There to safeguard the data subjects but also ensure that the organisation can carry out it’s organisational goals.

A DPO who understands the laws, and what they are trying to achieve, has experience in operations, has empathy for data subjects and organisation, a knowledge of what they want out of their relationship and is pragmatic it the application of the role to ensure an effective balance of risk to ensure a good user experience.

Of course many will just hire Dog, Duck & Partridge lawyers, Brenda from accounts or some will not bother hiring and will wing it without one until the first data breach or complaint gives an easy “full toss” fine for the regulator for the non-appointment of someone vaguely competent.

The latter making a great statement to their employees and customers that they do not care!

Red card anyone?

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