Learn about the data protection risks within the world of artificial intelligence and more.

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      This one day course on Profiling, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning will cover everything you need to know about the data protection risks when using automated decision making systems.

      Course leader Bilal Ghafoor will also cover the data ethics involved, data protection implications, and the compliance tools you can use to minimise risks.

      This training session include core definitions, highlight the risks and benefits of big data analytics, cover conditions for processing and purpose limitations, and use real-life scenarios to embed the learning.

      Course Content

      1. Profiling

      • What is it, and how can it be used?
      • Real life scenarios and examples.
      • Statistical deductions
      • Three stages of profiling

      2. Automated Decision Making

      • Definitions
      • How profiling interacts with automated decision making
      • Interactive scenarios

      3. Big Data

      • Where does big data come from?
      • Three Vs of Big Data

      4. Artificial Intelligence

      • Definitions
      • Bias in artificial intelligence
      • AI training and discrimination
      • Regulators

      5. Machine Learning

      • Three types of machine learning
      • Real life examples and scenarios
      • Deep learning

      6. Big Data in Practice

      • Big data analytics
      • Artificial intelligence in practice
      • Data science and travel
      • Data ethics

      7. Data Protection

      • Implications for Data Protection
      • Data protection risks
      • Tools for compliance

      What's Included:

      • 1 day course with experienced trainer
      • All course materials 
      • Lunch and refreshments (if classroom based) 
      • DPAS folder, pad and pen (if classroom based) 
      • Template documents to take away

      Course Format

      This training session lasts for one day, and will be facilitated on Microsoft teams.

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