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Concerned about how to complete a data protection impact assessment?

Not sure when a DPIA is required?

Need a template DPIA but not sure where to get one?

Why not attend our DPIA Course to find out?

The Data Protection Training by Design course is an industry recognised course including scenario-based exercises which provides a very detailed insight into Data Impact Assessments (DPIAs), when they are required, how to complete one, and how to recognise risks associated. Delegates will also be given the specific GDPR framework and articles that relate to DPIAs. 


By attending and passing this course you will have a recognised qualification in DPIAs which has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service. The course will enhance your knowledge of data privacy, DPIAs and the regulations which will in turn enable you to make a positive step towards delivering compliance.


Data Protection Training Course contents


  • Data Protection Training by design and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and their role in data processing business change - (GDPR Articles 35-36)

  • When to undertake a DPIA, The role of Data Controller and Processor

  • The role of the DPO, Data Subjects & Supervisory Authorities in developing DPIA (GDPR Articles 37 - 39)

  • How to conduct a DPIA using scenario-based training

  • Good governance in agreeing a DPIA

  • Monitoring delivery of the DPIA is the business change or new project




The course takes around 6 hours to complete, but we remain flexible on timing as often we will discuss practical applications to develop understanding. The course includes a 1-hour exam containing 20 multiple choice questions and a 65% pass mark, successful completion of the exam is awarded the Data Protection by Design Certificate, accredited by the CDP Certification Service.  


Our course is aimed at :


  • Change professionals, such as Project Manager of Business Analysts looking to enhance their opportunities through improved knowledge in what is key legislative change.

  • Business managers seeking to broaden their knowledge of the GDPR requirements, or those who currently have a role in data protection or information security and need to understand how to comply with the regulation.

  • Any professional with a limited knowledge of DPIAs or professionals that wish to broaden their existing knowledge regarding DPIAs. It is also suitable for individuals who need to understand their responsibilities, from any business area that processes personal information or data.





This course is available at £395 + VAT Per Person

Volume discounts may be available (10% discount for more than 1 delegate from the same company)


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