The Data Privacy Advisory Service can provide you with outsourced subject access request (SAR) processing. 


Public sector organisations have a statutory duty to respond to all Subject Access Requests (SARs) within specific timescales. Even a relatively straightforward request can require the review, processing and redaction of thousands of documents. It can be difficult to predict the volume of SARs an organisation will have to process at any given time. This makes it difficult to allocate the appropriate level of resource for this service. Our SARs Processing Service can help your organisation handle these peaks and troughs in demand. Simply purchase a package of days from us, and when required, we will process the requests on your behalf, ensuring that they are delivered within legal timeframes.


DPAS offers outsourced data subject access requests (DSAR)

management services for those Organisation's who are struggling to

cope with the demand of SARs. DPAS can offer adhoc SAR services,

providing the Organisation with support to answer SARs within the

legal timeframes, as dictated in the GDPR and DPA 2018.

DPAS will nominate a SAR lead who will be the first point of contact to

manage the process. The process will then be overseen by our Lead

Data Protection Officer, Nigel Gooding, ensuring that if the

Organisation can use exemptions whilst dealing with the DSAR.

On commencement of this contract, DPAS will nominate a named

Account Manager to liaise with the customer, and ensure the

successful delivery of this service.

The process will be managed using software that ensures timeframes

are followed. The portal evidences communications between DPAS

and the data subject and provides a full audit trail. It also manages the

secure exchange of information between the Organisation and our

SAR team.


For your convenience we also offer redaction services for electronic and paper documents. 

With electronic files, we ensure that they are always transferred securely through an encryption service. Following this we redact the files using Adobe Acrobat, removing metadata and redacted information permanently, before returning the redacted files. 

In paper files, we are able to redact a copy of the original documents either in paper form or electronic if scanned and sent to us.

We ensure that our redaction is consistent and have measures in place to make sure that the redaction services are specific to your requirements and needs. We maintain a redaction speed of between 250 – 500 pages depending on the content of the files and the volume of redaction needed per document. 


Every SAR is different and to ensure we are offering a value added

service, a key component of our package is a triage service, which we

have developed based on our knowledge and experience of this type

of work. At DPAS we have formulated a simple, yet effective on-boarding policy that allows us to clarify and fully understand your requirements. We also have designated SAR experts who will be in communication throughout the process to ensure a smooth and accurate process.


  • Dedicated resource to manage the SAR process.

  • Full resource of SAR templates to handle responses to the data


  • Communication gateway between data subject and Local Authority.

  • External DPO assistance and advice, if required.

  • Redaction services.


Contact us and find out how our Data Protection services can benefit your company. Before filling in the form please ensure you have read and understood our privacy notice.


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