DPAS Self-Assessment Spreadsheet

Why complete this Self-Assessment?


Over one year on from GDPR coming into force, we have developed a tool to help you assess how you are currently doing.

Our tool will provide you with a clear picture on how well your organisation is currently complying with GDPR legislation.

You will be able to see within which areas you are excelling and where there is a need for improvement.

Allowing your organisation to target initiatives in the areas where you aren’t compliant and to praise and learn from the areas where you are.

How does it work?

Our self-assessment was designed with simplicity in mind. 

To get the most out of our tool, all you need to do is answer each question as accurately as you can using our scoring system. Then proceed to the results tabs.

From there you will be able to see how you scored and whether your organisation has a high, medium or low compliance score. We will explain what these mean in further detail further down.

What do my results mean?

Great news! You are currently fulfilling everything you need to comply with the legislation. The important thing now is to improve on any areas that have appeared in the results, which were less than compliant. Keep up the good work!

You are nearly there! It’s likely the case that you have implemented some procedures to try and comply, but they are not currently enough. It’s important the organisation has a look through the areas where you weren’t compliant and comes up with a plan to edit your procedures and policies to meet the standard required.


Bad news! You have some work to do before you are compliant. A good place to start is for your organisation to create a record of processing activities and develop policies and procedures to start moving towards compliance.


If you are having a tough time figuring out where to start on improving your compliance, get in touch. With close to 20 years data protection our team will be able to provide practical solutions that work. Whatever your compliance need, whether it’s getting your current policies up to standard or the development of a complete remediation plan, we can help!

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