client testimonials

Read this client testimonial from the University of Exeter Students’ Guild:

“[We] were keen to ensure we were delivering our GDPR commitment on time and on track.

Therefore, we needed a qualified Data Protection Officer to monitor our progress, provide assurance that we were on the road to compliance and maintain the role going forward. We sourced Data Privacy Advisory Service, as they were local and have 20 years Data Protection experience. We are very happy with the high standards of service received and the training provided was not only delivered professionally but completely tailored to our business type. I highly recommend Data Privacy Advisory if you have GDPR worries or you are considering having a Data Protection Officer look after your organisation.”

“We enlisted DPAS to help with our journey to GDPR compliance as we didn’t have the resource and skills available within our team. DPAS’ approach was thorough, efficient and remarkably unobtrusive from an operations perspective.

Post completion of the project, we not only had a clearer idea of the risks and issues that attend GDPR compliance directly, but also managed to tidy up in house data processing to ensure we are more efficient as a business.”


Client testimonial from the Academy Transformation Trust:

“Working with DPAS has been so helpful to us as a trust of 21 academies. On a practical level, the support provided by Nigel and the team has been valuable in resolving pressing issues very swiftly. As we develop our in-house expertise more and more, though, it has been great to tap into the expertise of Natalie and others on the team via high quality training and development sessions. Always flexible and responsive to need, these sessions have done wonders to create a shared sense of understanding and common purpose among all those within our trust with responsibility for data protection.”


Training client testimonial from TMS Maritime:

“I was trained by DPAS in June 2019, the course was fantastic, not only did they tailor the content to meet the needs of the data protection issues facing our clients but did so in a structured way that was easy to follow. The course was supported by a wide range of templates and documents and I now feel confident in managing the 10 million + records of data under my care. I highly recommend this service, exceptional value, clear instruction and a manageable way to get under the skin of data privacy.”